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Battery Recycling Service

Batteries cannot be tossed out in your rubbish or recycling bins, the hazardous substances they contain could cause a fire in the truck or our recycling process plant. If batteries end up in landfill, these substances may leak out into surrounding soil and ground water. Most batteries that are recycled have to be shipped overseas to be processed.

Did you know we now are home to a Battery Recycling Tube?  Thanks to our friends at Rubbish Direct, we're now able to accept batteries from our community in order to ensure these are recycled correctly.

The team have started battery recycling within New Zealand to reduce the amount ending up in our landfill where heavy metals and toxic substances can leak into the grounds when battery corrodes causing water and soil pollution. Batteries are made from important resources so recycling battery can recover valuable materials.

So, next time before throwing your batteries away, keep them aside and bring them into your GLCC and pop them into our Battery Recycling centre, we'll make sure that Rubbish Direct and their partner Upcycle Ltd get these correctly recycled.