Hire Agreement

Please check with the office for a full version of this document that needs to be signed. The wording below is a guideline and individual changes may apply to certain events.

‘Please take the time to read this information’

1. Vacation of Premises

The stated room must be vacated by the time stipulated in the agreement.

2. Cleaning

2.1 The Hirer is required to utilise the centre’s cleaning contractors at a
Cost of $100.00 + GST.
2.2 Cleaning Contractor Responsibilities:
(a) Sweep and mop the hall floor.
(b) Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
(c) Wipe down kitchen surfaces, fridge, oven and microwave.

2.3 Hirer’s Responsibilities:
(a) Remove ALL rubbish from the centre, including recyclable rubbish, such as plastics and bottles. This also includes any rubbish left in the centre grounds as a result of your function.
(b) Wipe down all trestle tables and chairs used and pack away in the hall cupboards.

3. Fire alarm
3.1 No smoking, candles, incense, smoke machines, toasters or any smoke-emitting devices are permitted to be used in the Building.
3.1 Barbeques should be placed as far away from the building as possible.
3.2 The extractor fan must be turned on when using the stove or microwave.
3.3 The hirer will be liable for the Fire Brigade call-out fee and cost of resetting the alarm, should the fire alarm be set off during their period of hire. (Note that the call-out fee as of October 2001 is $1,231.88)
4. Music and noise
4.1 Music and noise levels must be kept at a reasonable level.
4.2 The Hirer will be liable for any monetary cost arising from complaints regarding noise.
4.3 Music must be turned off by 11.00 pm.

5. Alcohol

5.1 We require the Hirer to obtain a special licence from Auckland City Council for any event at which alcohol will be consumed at ‘GLCC’.
5.2 A special licence application takes approximately 25 working days to process. BYO alcohol is not permitted even with this licence.
5.3 Applications for licences are available from the centre co-ordinator.
5.4 Alcohol may only be consumed in the main Hall.
5.5 The special licence must be shown to the co-ordinator prior to the use of the Hall, and displayed in a prominent location during the use of the Hall.
5.6 The on duty caretaker has responsibility for the Centre after hours and is to be looked to for guidance and instruction.

6. Payments
6.1 Extra charges may occur should the Hirer or any party associated with the Hirer enter the room before the booked time or take longer to vacate.
6.2 Any cost incurred by GLCC to rectify a breach of any of the above-mentioned terms and conditions will be deducted from the bond.
6.3 The bond will be returned to the Hirer upon the GLCC Co-ordinator being satisfied that all conditions have been complied with.
6.4 Your booking is only confirmed once you have completed and return this form together with full payment of the room hire.


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