January 2017 School Holiday Programme

The January 2017 school holiday programmes are out now. The holiday programme runs from Monday the 16th of January till Friday the 3rd of February 2016. Cool holiday fun 4 kids 5-12 years!

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Please Note: There are 4 “trip days” Thursday 19th Jan – Pt Erin Pools, Wednesday 25th Jan at Crystal Mountain, Thursday 26th Jan at Jellicoe Pools in Onehunga and Wednesday 1st of Feb -Sailing on the Ted Ashby. Trip days are full days and cost extra. Note: Monday Jan 30th is Auckland Anniversary day and so a public holiday.

Programme Fees: 8am – 3pm @ $38 per child, 8am – 5.30pm @ $48 per child, Trip Days $58 per child. We accept WINZ subsidy bookings and have the relevant forms available here for you.


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We close promptly at 5:30pm & late fees of $1 per minute per child will be incurred if you arrive late to collect your child/ren.

  • Please refer to the Parent Contract Information for our fee/cancellation policy.
  • Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of a completed online enrolment form (see below) and fees.
  • We accept WINZ subsidy bookings and have the relevant forms available here for you
  • Proudly supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Auckland Council

Regards, Cath Bathe-Taylor Quick View (click image below to pop open a larger size quick view in new tab)

Grey Lynn Community Centre - January 2017


Clicking on the image above gives a quick view of the timetable. For a pdf version you can print see below (1) Note: Bookings now all online – scroll down the page to start the booking.

  1. January 2017 Programme for you to print out glccholprogjan17.pdf (Web) (click link to view and download 900k)
  2. New Online Enrolment Booking form below . All bookings are online now (this now includes our bank account number to make it easier for you to pay.) Please note that the new system does not allow for children to be booked for different times on a single date. It assumes that if there is more than 1 child then the dates and times booked are the same. Use the Additional Notes section if that is not the case.
  3. If there are multiple children booked from the same family and they are booked for different time slots then a separate booking would be needed for that child. We have tried to cover all known scenarios but if you need help please phone/ email us to discuss. But once again use the Additional Notes section if needed.
  4. The details you enter in the online form will all be automatically emailed to you. Note: this does not mean the booking is complete as we still need to collect payment and confirm we have places for your child/ren.
  5. Parent Contract Info Sheet and Sun safety details now included in the main enrolment form.

Don’t miss out – make your booking now – payment details are on the booking form. Online form starts below. [sta_anchor id=”OnlineBooking”]



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